The right training

As the solar industry continues to mature, employers and customers are beginning to expect advanced training for installers

Practical Knowhow

Individually Tailored for Solar Sales, Installation or Design which Participants will gain solar skills that can immediately be applied in the field.

stand out as Expert

Participants in this course will gain the advanced knowledge needed to qualified solar installer, business owner, project manager or system designer.

Qualification for NREA Exam

Preparation Programs that provides the required advanced training and exam preparation for the NREA PV Installation Professional Certification Exam.

jump-start your solar career

Whether your career is management, installation, sales or marketing, our course provides a solid foundation to build your solar industry career.

Online Training

Study at your convenience. If you are employed or have other commitments, you will be able to easily incorporate learning into your busy lifestyle.

Start build your career or save your start-up time

IAREEE assist new and existing businesses that need guidance with identified opportunities requiring SOLAR systems design or project management assistance.

Courses Segments

SOLAR Systems courses


Wide range of courses cover photovoltaics and solar thermal systems


Energy efficiency Courses


All what you need to know to manage energy efficiently and reduce energy bell


Building Automation Courses


Efficiency start with CONTROL, learn cutting edge tehnology in building automation systems (BAS)


Renewable Business Courses


Offer Project managment courses for renewable projects as well, renewable sales & market ccourse



The International Academy for renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency exists to empower scientific, social and economic development through the alternative energy resources of environmentally use of solar energy.

empower research, development and adoption of solar energy and other energy efficiency technologies as well research into and use of solar energy in building design.

Compile and disseminate information on solar and complementary low-emissions technologies and their utilisation and promote public understanding and adoption of practices, technologies and systems for the use of solar energy and energy efficiency.

empowering individual or  business by Solar PV Education & Training Services deliver individual achievement for people who want to leverage past experience into a new career in the PV industry, or want to add PV systems design and installation services to an existing trade or related service business.

Our Professional Services allow business and schools who want to tap directly into our pool of PV technology and education experts to tackle existing opportunities and projects.