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We Want to Educate More Solar Women

Women are underrepresented in the solar industry and in our online solar courses (5%). We want that to change.
We’ve designated this space specifically for solar women for 3 reasons:

  •   1. Engage & educate More Women in Solar

    1. Engage & educate More Women in Solar

    We hope that the solar women we feature provide new insights for women considering the field of solar (solar jobs are annually growing by 20%). We also hope to boost the number of women enrolling in our courses. To-date, less than 4% of our solar students have been women. We don’t like that statistic. We want to teach more women!

  •   2. Create a More Diverse and Equitable SOLAR Industry

    2. Create a More Diverse and Equitable SOLAR Industry:

    Through engaging more women in conversations about solar and providing high-quality learning opportunities, we hope to contribute to a more level playing field for women looking to enter or advance within the solar industry.

  •   3. Spread the WORD

     3. Spread the WORD:

    We want to elevate the intiative to get more women working in the solar industry and to cope with the great initiatives already happening in the industry.

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Super User

OFF-Grid Course 16 Sept 2015  | التدريب للانظمة الغير مربوطة علي الشبكة 

تعقد الأكاديمية الدولية للطاقة المتجددة و كفاءة الطاقة (أيري) IAREEE في السادس والعشرين من شهر مارس القادم دورة تدريبية متكاملة للطاقة الشمسية علي مدار خمسة أيام و لمدة 40 ساعة، وذلك لتأهيل المهندسين الراغبين في العمل بمجال الأنظمة الشمسية علي تصميم الأنظمة المربوطة علي الشبكة و الغير مربوطة و أنظمة الري.

صمم فريق متخصص من الأكاديمية الدولية للطاقة المتجددة كفاءة الطاقة IAREEE بمقرها في مصر مؤخرا مشروع نظام المحكاه التعليمي للأنظمة الكهروضوئية وذلك كأول عمل متكامل محلي في مجال الطاقة الشمسية.

the International Academy for renewable energy and energy efficiency IAREEE Ended last Thursday 10 August, its training course system for solar diploma for grid tied system, off-grid system and solar pumping system in the presence of trainees from Egypt and the UAE, Kuwait, as part of their training programs and periodic held at its headquarters in Heliopolis.

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