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We Want to Educate More Solar Women

Women are underrepresented in the solar industry and in our online solar courses (5%). We want that to change.
We’ve designated this space specifically for solar women for 3 reasons:

  •   1. Engage & educate More Women in Solar

    1. Engage & educate More Women in Solar

    We hope that the solar women we feature provide new insights for women considering the field of solar (solar jobs are annually growing by 20%). We also hope to boost the number of women enrolling in our courses. To-date, less than 4% of our solar students have been women. We don’t like that statistic. We want to teach more women!

  •   2. Create a More Diverse and Equitable SOLAR Industry

    2. Create a More Diverse and Equitable SOLAR Industry:

    Through engaging more women in conversations about solar and providing high-quality learning opportunities, we hope to contribute to a more level playing field for women looking to enter or advance within the solar industry.

  •   3. Spread the WORD

     3. Spread the WORD:

    We want to elevate the intiative to get more women working in the solar industry and to cope with the great initiatives already happening in the industry.

Super User

Super User

 solar thermal binder

Course Code: ST-104
Duration : 3 Days | 21hr
Type: Design
Attendee’s: Engineers



Day one ( Theoretical):

  1. Introduction To Renewable Energy and fundamentals of solar energy
  2. Collector (Types, theory of operation,Characteristics and standards)
  3. System Components (Tanks,heat exchangers,pumps, armatures, controller)

Day Two (Theoretical) :

  1. System Configurations (Thermosyphon systems, forced circulation systems,Open / closed systems, direct / indirect systems,large scale systems)
  2. System Design I
  3. System Design II

Day three( Theoretical and practical):

  1. System Design III
  2. Practical Aspects
  3. System Commissioning.
  4. Project Management Marketing and Economics


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LEED Green Associate is the introductory-level credential for LEED, and demonstrates a general understanding

of all the LEED rating systems.


LEED Green Associate | Exam Preparation

LEED GA training course provide an introduction to green building and sustainable design principles, specifically as they relate to USGBC's LEED green building rating system. It prepares individuals to pass the LEED Green Associate exam on the first try, and is the first step in becoming a LEED professional.



LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system,  providing third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance across all the metrics that matter most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED provides building owners and operators a concise framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions. 


Course Agenda:

This course structure addresses the following topics including:

Learned Skills & Gained Knowledge

 Primary objective is for participant to know basic information about Green Building and different rating system, the main concept of sustainability, what is LEED , how to achieve the requirements of this system, and how to study and pass the exam.

• The main role of USGBC, GBCI, and LEED online. 

• Main concepts of each LEED rating systems and LEED categories. 

• Discuss prerequisites and credits of each category. 

• How the project team should approach the credits or prerequisites of rating systems and the strategies which can be peruse from the project team to comply with these credits and prerequisites. 

• How to study for the exam, and tips and tricks of the exam content.

Schedule of Lectures

• Day1  |  Lecture 1 – Introduction about Green building

• Day1  |  Lecture 2 – USGBC, GBCI, and LEED

• Day1  |  Lecture 3 – Integrated process & practice questions

• Day1  |  Lecture 4 – Location & Transportation

• Day1  |  Lecture 5 – Sustainable Sites

• Day2  |  Lecture 6 – Water Efficiency

• Day2  |  Lecture 7 – Energy and Atmosphere & practice questions

• Day2  |  Lecture 8 – Material and Resources & practice questions

• Day2  |  Lecture 9 – Indoor Environmental Quality

• Day2  |  Lecture 10 – Innovation in Design


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diploma binder3

 Course Code: SD-102 
 Duration :  5 Days | 40hr
 Type:  Design
 Attendee’s:  Engineers




IAREEE Provides Comperhensive Photovoltaics systems desing course. Participants will attend 5days,40Hr of theoretical and practical sessions cover three main core systems.

  • Grid-tied PV system Design
  • Off-Grid PV system Design
  • Solar Pumping Design Course

main topics is to build capacity of design, plan and quote installation of all PV mentioned system types , taking into account the latest safety aspects, to commission and maintain.



The candidate must posses’ basic technical background in power engineering, electrical, electronic engineering, or other related fields at Diploma or Degree levels

  • Electrical / Mechanical Engineers
  • SOLAR Industry professionals
  • Facility managers
  • Developers Technical Engineers
  • Government agencies engineers
  • Electromechanical Consultants
  • Sustainability managers
  • Engineering Students
  • Suppliers to the construction industry
  • Project managers engieers
  • Skilled technician


Course Contents:

Day one ( Theoretical): 

  1. Introduction To Renewable Energy and fundamentals of solar energy and photovoltaics
  2. Basics of Solar Electricity
  3. Overview of PV Systems
  4. Components: PV cells and modules, theory of operation, manufacture, types, characteristics,standards

Day Two( Theoretical and practical): 

  1. Practice 5 exeresis on photvoltaic training simulator rig
  2. Grid-connected Inverters in PV systems
  3. Balance Of System components of grid-tied & off-Grid PV-systems (cables, structure, grid components, protection equipment, earthing, inverter, harger controller..)


Day three( Theoretical and practical): 

  1. Site Analysis
  2. Software simulation & Grid-tie Egyptian Code.
  3. Grid-tie System Design.
  4. Economical analysis of photovoltaic systems


Day four( Theoretical and practical):

  1. OFF-Grid System Design I
  2. OFF-Grid System Design II
  3. Fluid dynamics.
  4. Irrigation Fundamentals.

Day five( Theoretical and practical):

  1. SOLAR Pumping System concepts & Types.
  2. Solar Pumping System Design.
  3. Solar pumping Payback Period Calculation.
  4. Practical project design example.


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Course Duration: 29 JAN 2017  - 2 FEB 2017

Course Sessions: Sunday to Thursday, 9am - 5 pm | 40 Hours
Registration Fee: LE 3,000  (Includes Lunch, coffee Breaks and documentation.)
Location: IAREEE Training Facilty ( ARD ELGOLF)

 Individual Registration تسجيل الأفرد  |  Group Registration تسجيل المجموعات

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